Forgotten Soul in Manhattan streets

While Manhattan Street Photography typically focuses on people, it also can focus on objects found on the concrete arteries of a town or city. This photograph features an odd combination of items. Walking after dark through the streets of Manhattan, I stumbled upon a grouping of objects that was puzzling at the least. A combination of shoes, socks, apples, and cigarette butts litter the New York sidewalk. The layout of the objects is unaltered. Not only the collection of items that conjure up questions and stories, but the lines in the photograph add a visually pleasing graphical element. The viewers’ eyes will wander and explore the various aspects of the fine-art image, making you think.

So why were these items left on the sidewalk? Why did the individual vanish in thin air? The person must have been at the location for an extended time, judging from the cigarette butts and wooden match sticks used to light them. Why where there neatly cut apples in a plastic zip-lock bag left uneaten? Then to the final oddity. Why was a perfectly good pair of shoes and socks left behind? We can all make up stories to fill in the blanks—even crazy ones like my wife jokingly suggesting that he was abducted by aliens.

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