Iceberg Fine Art Photography on sale at Walmart and art com

Just the other day, I was researching Google Rankings for, when I discovered that one of my Iceberg Fine Art Photography images is for sale at Walmart. Surprised, since I never signed up or authorized such a deal, I continued to dig.

Dan Kosmayer Fine Art for Sale
Dan Kosmayer Fine Art for Sale on online website

It seems that purchased my image from my Shutterstock stock portfolio (I am presuming ‘extended license’) and proceeded to put my fine art print up for sale. Furthermore, and Walmart have some by of contractual connection as they are reselling my fine art print through Walmart’s Online Store.

Dan Kosmayer Fine Art for Sale on Wallmart
Dan Kosmayer Fine Art for Sale on Wallmart’s Online Store

I am excited that such large prestigious organizations would choose one of my images to create fine art prints for sale and distribution. But, at the same time, I am dismayed that a Shutterstock license (again I am assuming extended license) allows for this. As the fine art visual artist, I only received a one-time payment (approx $100),  But Walmart and are allowed to reprint the images as many times as I want. I knew nothing about this arrangement until I was scouring deep into Google search results to unearthed this piece of information.

I was surprised that a Shutterstock Extended License would allow the resale of the photograph as fine art.

The iceberg image is available for download at my stock image agency

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