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New photo application for iOS 10 coming soon

New and improved photo features in the updated version of iOS written by: andres8 Thanks to a range of new updates that Apple has...


Easy tutorial to create a sketch with photoshop

Tutorial: An Easier and Better Way to Create a Sketch

Easy to Create a Sketch with Photoshop If you've ever tried to get Photoshop to create a sketch that is convincing black and white sketch...

Inspiration: Photomanipulation Masters Part 3

This week we return to the work of photomanipulation masters. From Part 1: "By photomanipulation, I mean a digital collage, a photo montage, of...

Tutorial: Painting Clouds with Corel Painter

Painting a realistic, fluffy cloud may look hard, but just keep in mind the Five Lights of Nature, which apply to a cloud as...

Create a Photo Backdrop in Seconds with Photoshop

In less than a minute, you can create a stunning background for your portraits, using the tools that come with Photoshop. This will not...

Photoshop Tutorial: Add Dramatic Lighting to Portraits

I admit it: I love layer masks. Layer masks rock. For adding darks and lights to an image, nothing beats an Adjustment Layer with...

Graphic Design

Add a Favicon

Add a Favicon to Your Site

Being a successful online marketer is all about paying attention to the little details. The favicon is your sites logo and is often over...
Vector and Bitmap Graphics

Vector and Bitmap Graphics Explained

In the world of 2D digital art, there are two major categories of graphics -- bitmaps and vectors -- yet so far we have...
Easy website builder at

Build your own website has never been easier

Build your own website has never been easier; whether you are using it for your business or personal use. This is because of website...
Sergio Melero

Tutorial: Illustrator Sergio Melero

Illustrator Sergio Melero, from Valencia, Spain, is a busy guy. While working on his doctoral thesis, he works at the R&D department of Movement...

Boost creativity and critical thinking by walking

Five reasons why you should make walking part of your daily routine to boost creativity Business moguls, entrepreneurs and innovators all take to walking as...


Social Media Marketing

How To Use Images To Help Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Photos have become the eye candy of the Internet. They are meant to attract reader’s attention and spark their interest. A photo that tells...
edit a tweet

How do you edit a tweet once its published

In the old days, you couldn’t edit a tweet. If you sent out a regrettable tweet, that was it. You had to delete it...
Fine Art America

Marketing: A Review of Fine Art America

In recent years, Print On Demand (POD) technology has made it much easier to get reproductions of artwork into the hands of collectors. POD...

Marketing: Fine Art America Review, Part 2

Back around the end of May, I wrote about my experiences getting started with Fine Art America. One month has gone by, so it's time...
Sell fine art: Image of laptop with Vincent Van Gogh show how to sell stock photography online

7 Places to Sell Fine Art Photos Online

Marketing: Sell Fine Art Photography Sell fine art before the Internet, artists had very few outlets to sell their work. The main choices were galleries...


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